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My Naughty Kitty

February 2, 2017
by Anesa McGregor , Emmetsburg News

Owning an active, lively pet can be exasperating at times. Whether your pet is a cat or a dog, trying to keep up with a pet can be difficult. But those of us who are pet owners know that if your animal is active ore simple wants to lay around, pets bring a certain joy and sense of calm to our lives.

I rescued a kitten this past fall that was the runt of the litter and getting pushed aside at feeding time. Normally farm kittens are afraid of people until they have been around for a time, but this particular kitten was friendly the first time she appeared on the deck. She would get between my feet and I was so afraid of kicking her that I named her Boot. She would climb on the deck of the mower, not when it was running of course, and just rub against my leg for attention. She got the name Boot because I was afraid I was going to kick her by accident.

As summer turned to fall, Boot got smaller and smaller and finally I decided it was time to adopt her or she would most likely die. Taking her to the vet for a check up and shots before bringing her home, I was surprised to learn she only weighed one pound eight ounces. This made me more determined than before that Boot was going to be a part of the family and live.

That was roughly six months ago and Boot has taken off. She weighs over seven pounds now but unlike her siblings who are outside cats and have the winter coat, Boot is long and slender and has a sleek black coat with a bit of white. Not a day goes by that Boot doesn't make me laugh or surprise me by the things she does.

Boot loves to hide inside baskets, boxes, around corners or behind pillows, anywhere she thinks she can't be seen. Anyone or any of the dogs walks by and out she runs into the other room or in some cases will jump on top of the dog. It's funny because the dogs put up with it and roughhouse with her just like kids do.

No matter what my mood is, Boot can bring a smile to my face and a laugh from within. That old saying "Don't bite the hand that feeds you," Boot doesn't understand. She used to love to attack my hand and pulling it away from her left scratches and marks. She also loves to attack my hair from behind and generally I am unaware of what she is planning until I feel those claws against my head. I tell her "No" and off she runs. She understands the word 'No' and at times glares at me as if daring me to make her stop.

Boot is the only cat I have ever known to carry items such as sticks, chains and balls around in her mouth, but she didn't have an issue with a mouse in the house. She would sit in the kitchen and watch this mouse run across the floor and do nothing. When the mouse caught its' foot in a trap, she wanted to play with the trap and the mouse got away. Yep, I definitely got a good mouser.

Her latest escapades have been with water. She is fascinated by a running faucet and no matter where she is, turn on a faucet and she is there. Even after you shut the water off, she will sit at the sink for 20 minutes or more staring at the drain. I always wonder what she is thinking and waiting for.

Yes, Boot is one of those active, lively energetic pets that try the patience and make you wonder if you really want a pet. But I wouldn't give her up for anything in the world. She makes me laugh so hard I almost cry. She helps me to relax by sitting on my chest with her head under my chin purring as she sleeps.

My stress level seems lower when I'm watching and interacting with Boot. I have always heard that pets are good for a persons' health and I truly believe it. Anyone with health issues should have access to an animal even if they cannot have a pet of their own. The difference a pet makes in ones life is worth all the hassle and headache a pet can bring at their worst. The laughter and joy a pet brings can fix almost anything.



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