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A Day In The Life

January 26, 2017
by Dan Voigt , Emmetsburg News

For those of you who utilize Facebook, you're familiar with those little remiders that pop up from posts you may have made a year, two years or even five years earlier. Such an entry popped up Monday morning dating back to 2010, and it got me in the reminiscing mode for a bit.

Apparently, I made my first trip with the Emmetsburg Show Choir, "High Voltage," in 2010 to the "Take Two" Show Choir Competition at Dallas Center-Grimes. I posted how great the group did, and had earned a second runner-up finish.

Little did I?think that seven years later, I'm still hanging around with the show choirs at Emmetsburg, and truth be known, doing so helps keep me young at heart!

Anyhow, after seeing that reminder, I was asked just what one of those show choir trips entailed, soooo, here's a Day in The Life of a show choir competition.

Saturday, Jan. 21. Arrived at the high school just before 9 a.m., picked up the van to haul equipment in and proceed to load four keyboards, a full drum set, piano stands, amplifier and miscellaneous trombones, trumpets, saxophones and a violin into the van, along with four passengers. Two busses load up the students and chaperones, and with a "Hi O!" from Mr. Luke Miller, the director, the little caravan heads south to Dallas Center at 9:30 a.m.

On the trip down, one bus makes a detour to Manson to pick up students participating in Large Group Speech contest, while the van and other bus motor on south, arriving at Dallas Center-Grimes High School around 12:30 p.m.

The performers go to a home room, explode (actually, the girls start on makeup) boys go to check out the other school's girls, (and vice-versa) and watch other performing groups.

At 3:30, all gather in the home room, vocalize to warm up. Mr. Miller reviews some things in the show, dynamics, diction, for the singers. At 3:50, the group moves to a warm-up room and runs through their show. In a final pep talk, Mr. Miller admits he's concerned about the energy level of the group, but tells the group he believes in them.

At 4:15, the group takes the stage. The pit band sets up, the group is introduced and High Voltage performs its' show. About 20 minutes later, the group hustles off stage and goes to a room for a critique from one of the judges.

To make a long story short, the judge gave one of the best critique's I've ever heard a group receive in seven years. The kids were ecstatic. "I doubted your energy. Never again!" said Mr. Miller.

Then hustle to the gym for awards and annoucement of the evening finalist groups. Prep groups are announced, then Caption Awards for best female and male soloists and choreography, and then Best Band - "Emmetsburg High Voltage!"

Ummm, yeah, they were stoked. Then the annoucement of Class 1A/2A?Winner, "Emmetsburg High Voltage!" Evenining finalists, among them, "Emmetsburg High Voltage!"

Once again, vocalize in home room, go to warm up room and hit the stage for a fantastic performance. Finals awards, Emmetsburg High Voltage is Second Runner up behind Pella ACappella and Des Moines Christian.

The kids load the equipment in the van, parents who made the trip down pick up their kids and the buses load for the drive home. We leave Dallas Center-Grimes at 10:30, and roll into Emmetsburg at 1:30 in the morning - unload the van, and head home to sleep.

That doesn't catch the passion, the spirit and the memories of a competition by any means. To truly experience it, you have to live it. There are two more competitions, Feb. 18 in Pella and March 11 at Sloan, as well as the Emmetsburg Invitational March 3-4.

If you want a taste of the lifestyle, plan on attending one of these opportunities - You won't regret the decision!



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