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Explaining The Difference:

City vs. Country Living

November 15, 2016
by Anesa McGregor , Emmetsburg News

I have friends and family that live in the city. They have never really spent anytime in the country and really do not understand what country living is like in Iowa. They think it is what they see on television; you know what I mean. Hollywood portrays Iowans as backwards hick people, that move slow, have our own language and dress in bib overalls.

Try as I might to get them to come for a visit, they are too afraid of what they believe Iowa would be like, so they refuse. I decided to write them this little article about 10 years ago to paint a picture of what country living in Iowa is really like.

First, we are not hicks nor are we slow. We are relaxed and take our time so we get it right the first time. When city people walk three blocks from their house, they will be in another neighborhood and most likely lost. Since city people don't really talk to each other, most likely they will stay lost for a while. When we walk the same distance in the country; fields, lush and green, surround us and getting lost is a challenge that we accept as entertainment.

Our neighbors are no trouble at all. Sure, they play heavy metal music loud at all hours of the night, but the frogs and crickets drowned out the music. We have a theater that doesn't cost much and our orchestra music is the sounds of nature in the evening crickets, bullfrogs, pheasants, turkeys and other animals that join in the chorus. They play for free and enjoy country living as much as I do.

You have your gangs, well, so do we. Our gangs, however, catch mice and other small rodents and eat them. Although, they might scare you, they will never shoot at you.

Every Monday morning I go for a hike. I lace up my shoes. Put on my coat and cap, grab two heavy bags, then I walk and walk and walk. Just when I think I can walk no more, I reach then end of my driveway. Yep, Monday is garbage day.

You go to the grocery store for all your food. We cut out the middle man. We gather raspberries, apples and other fruits that grow in our backyard, front yard, over the hill, wherever we find it. You want free range eggs. We have always had free-range eggs, pork and beef. There really is no difference in the taste.

The nearest grocery store is seven miles away and it takes only seven minutes to get there. It took you seven minutes just to get out of the parking lot when you want to go somewhere.

We have bars but we really don't need them. We have bonfires. The action can get pretty hot and you don't need cologne, just standing down wind from the fire does the trick.

We don't worry much about breathing pollution. We worry more about keeping our mouth closed when the mosquitoes are swarming.

Don't get me wrong, the city has a lot of things that the country does not have. But have you ever seen a picture of paradise with a skyscraper in it? You never will.

Most people think of paradise as a country side of rolling hills and wide open spaces. Of quiet meandering streams and lakes that look like mirrors as the sunsets.

We are not so different, city folk and country folk; we simply see things in a different way.

I've told my friends and family to come and enjoy paradise but they will have to share it with cats, mice, cows, pigs, skunks and anything else wandering free range.



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