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Supervisors Should Be Commended

September 29, 2016
by Anesa McGregor , Emmetsburg News

Always being criticized for one thing or another, the job of a Supervisor is a thankless one. Since I began covering the Palo Alto County Board of Supervisor Meetings last year, I have truly learned more about government than I was ever taught in school.

It could be because I just didn't care about government and found it extremely boring. Maybe it was simply, I didn't get it. What ever the reason, suddenly having to pay attention to what happens in government, even locally has opened my eyes and ears to topics I would have never paid attention to before.

Admittedly, I do not understand nor to I claim to know all that there is to know about county government. No one really does. I have seen this group of five men discuss and sometimes argue over topics that will affect our county for many years.

I have listened to citizens of Palo Alto County criticize our Supervisors for decisions that they have made simply because it didn't agree with what the citizen wanted. The most recent topic of discussion has been the Wind Energy Conversion Systems Ordinance for Palo Alto County.

This has been the main discussion in the County since last December. Many meetings have been held for the citizens and landowners, giving them a chance to voice their opinions, objections or approval on this topic. It is most unfortunate that the majority of people who come to these meetings are in opposition of wind turbines.

Believe me, I get it. Iowa is a unique state. We have wide-open spaces, rich soil, and an abundance of wildlife that is second to none (in my opinion). But that is key, it is only my opinion.

I sat at the third reading of the Proposed County Ordinance and I listened, just as the Supervisor did, to every complaint and negative opinion that landowners and citizens of the county had to say. I kept hearing that the Supervisors needed to change the proposed ordinance to reflect the opinions that were being put forth. It did not seem to matter that there are many others in the county who are in favor of these wind turbines.

I kept hearing about the rights of those at the meeting who objected to specifics in the ordinance, but no one was in attendance to voice their approval.

I truly feel (and again this is only my opinion) that our elected Board of Supervisors had a hard job on their plates when it came to this ordinance. They were elected to make decisions regarding a controversial subject that would affect Palo Alto County for years to come. They listened to every side and I think they looked at every angle before changing wording, adding sections or deleting sections to the newest ordinance in the county.

I myself would like to say "Thank You Supervisors. Thank you for looking at every possible scenario you could think of and creating an ordinance that takes into consideration not only those landowners involved but also those who do not want to live next to a turbine and the county as a whole. You have all listened to many voices, some not so nice, and have tried to do your best to protect all in the county not just a few. So again, I commend you for the job you have done and say "Thank You."



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