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“Build More of Them ... Now”

September 15, 2016
Emmetsburg News

To the Editor:

I was surprised to see the (mostly large farmer) resistance to the placement of wind generators. I grew up on a farm in Palo Alto back in the 50s and 60s and watched the struggle financially my parents had. There was only one sure source of guaranteed cash income then... dairying. It meant never a vacation or day off, up earlier and to bed later and much tillable land given over to pasturage, hay, and other feed crops. Wind turbines are dairy income without having to milk... and they take only a fraction of the acreage. I suspect much of the negativity comes from not wanting to have to farm around them. Having watched my father deliberately lose soybeans to sell by lifting his cultivator over bird nests I can't believe an extra turn of the wheel to go around a windmill base is that big a deal. One farmer where I live now told me that sooner or later the generators will go away and the farmer will be stuck with a chunk of concrete in his field. After the years of rental paid out, I can't see a great loss. If it's a real issue, a rock star drill and some 60/40 dynamite will reduce the foundation to small rocks for a couple hundred bucks in today's money. And... every kilowatt produced by the wind is one less we had to make with imported fossil fuel. I say... build more of them... now.

(signed) John Walker, RN

Harvey, IA



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