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Here Comes The Fair

July 19, 2016
by Jane Whitmore , Emmetsburg News

The Palo Alto County Fair is this week and I am personally encouraging every one of you to go to the fair. We have a great group of young people who have worked very hard on their 4-H and FFA projects. They deserve some recognition.

One of the favorite parts of the fair, for me, is the educational presentation and working exhibits. This is a building block of people skills and communication for these youngsters. They have to talk to an audience while showing an exhibit or making a product.

Perfect example: sidewalk chalk. Last year we learned how and made our own sidewalk chalk. In fact, I may still have mine somewhere.

The educational presentation I remember best was presented a few years ago by Nick Grandstaff. He taught us how to tie a tie. He had enough ties for everyone in the audience, and if memory serves, he had gotten the tie collection from an elderly gentleman. It was a fun experience for everyone. And look where Nick is today -- in India doing research in the Borlaug-Ruan International Internship program. The ability to communicate helped get him there.

The animals at the fair are awesome and I applaud these young people for their ability to handle cows, horses and pigs at least twice their size. Go to the barns before any show and watch these kids wash and groom their animals for the judges. That could be included in "showmanship" because it shows another aspect of how well each young person handles his/her animal.

4-H exhibits are being judged today (Tuesday). It is fun to watch the kids present their projects to the judges. Some are a little shy, but all know how they made what they have brought to be judged. Each year the creativity level goes higher. Do you suppose Pintrest plays into that?

It is well worth the walk through the Exhibits Building to see exhibits that have been sewn, soldered, baked and painted. Every child has worked hard to take their best to the fair.

The Fair Board hosts the Chamber Coffee in the Exhibits Building this Friday, July 22. That's a good time to walk around with a cookie in one hand and coffee in the other to see what the kids have made.

Each 4-H club has a booth of its own for display. The top of the line is displayed down the center of the building. And photography takes up a big section of its own. These kids are oh-so creative.

Growing up in town, we didn't have the opportunity to be a part of 4-H and have exhibits at the fair. As an adult, I entered the open class flower show a few times and took home some blue ribbons. It was fun.

Open Class Garden exhibits are accepted tomorrow (Wednesday) from 6 to 8 p.m. and judging will be Thursday. It's been a pretty good growing season, so get your produce to the fair for judging.

You can learn a lot listening to the judges at the livestock shows. Listen as the judges interact with exhibitors and learn along with them. Through the years I?have learned more about chickens than one would have anticipated. And speaking of chickens - they will be back at the fair this year after a year off.

I am always in awe of how these young people can manage their animals.

Don't miss:?Extension Council BBQ on Thursday, 4-H?BBQ on Friday and the Cattlemen BBQ on Saturday.



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