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Let’s Not Lose What We Have

May 3, 2016
by Jane Whitmore , Emmetsburg News

The last time I was at the environmental (tree) dump north of town, I counted at least a dozen plastic bags presumably filled with leaves. People, do you not realize that is not acceptable? The site can be closed down for that type of infraction.

The environmental dump is for tree branches, leaves and garden debris.This is the only place we have to dispose of these things. I learned long ago that if the site is abused, if there is plastic dumped there, it can be closed. And then what would we do?

Where could we go to dispose of this type of debris if the tree dump would close? Personally, I don't have space in my yard for a compost pile.

And while we're thinking about the environmental tree dump -- remember: neatness does count.

Each time I go there, the drivable path seems to get more and more narrow. It appears everyone is in a hurry, so they drive in and dump their leaves and branches in the closest spot. There is plenty of space out there, folks.

And, we have heard over and over again, do not light the leaves/branches on fire. Right now, as wet as it is, a fire wouldn't spread. But when it's dry, if a fire was started and the wind picks up, a whole lot of property could be ablaze in no time.

Speaking of neatness, more than once I have stopped on the roadway to move a branch out of the traveled portion. People with pickups and trailers probably don't realize at the time that they have lost part of their load. On weekends you can follow a trail of lost branches along College Drive all the way to the tree dump. It wouldn't hurt to pick up after yourself.

This (450th Avenue north) is a highly used road. Not only do people drive to the tree dump, the transfer station is also there as well as recycling bins. In fact, right now that is the only place to take recycling. Recycling bins for paper, cardboard and plastic are located near the transfer station.

Toxic waste is accepted for disposal at an area by the transfer station, too. And, the solid waste trucks make many trips to the transfer station each week, plus traffic from rural residents who live out that way.

Has the Palo Alto County Board of Supervisors ever considered a hard surface for that road? 450th Avenue, north off College Drive, is paved for a while. Then, at the bottom of the hill the road turns to washboard. It gets pretty muddy in the wet and dust rolls when it's dry. For the amount of traffic, hard surface would be wonderful for everyone.

This is your reminder:?the environmental tree dump north of Emmetsburg is the only place we have to dispose of leaves and tree branches. Let's take care of what we have so it will continue to be there for everyone.



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