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Promote the General Welfare

April 19, 2016
Emmetsburg News

Dear Editor:

These countries are not in financial trouble despite the Panama Papers. Greece was retiring people at age 55.

Here are some figures from my computer.

Minimum wages (in U.S. dollars):

Denmark, $21.00 per hour

Germany, $11.00 per hour

France $12.35 per hour

Australia $15.81 per hour; and, $7.00 for teens

U.S. $7.25 per hour

Also, these countries have government paid health care, too! Germany has government paid college. Others not as much. Other than that, they seem to have as many or more freedoms as we do.

We have been Democratic Socialist since Franklin Delano (Social Security) and Medicare and Medicaid since Johnson. Our allies simply took it farther and faster than we have.

Our Constitution says government should "promote the General Welfare" in the first paragraph and also in later sections.

(signed)?Shirley Baas Leverenz

Emmetsburg, IA



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