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Science Smorgasbord

April 14, 2016
by Dan Voigt , Emmetsburg News

In school, I was a science student. I liked studying rocks, the weather and space and the like, especially when it didn't involve writing a lot of homework. I really liked making weather observations and studying the weather, since the weather played such an important role in farming.

As the years have passed, I've continued to learn about this world we live in, and along the way, there have been some pretty wild discoveries and accomplishments in science that have affected us and have also amazed us as well - like landing, walking, driving around and even hitting golf balls on the Moon.

The other day, I found a list of fantastic scientific facts, so I thought I'd share 15 of the more off-the-wall facts for you to consider - perhaps be amazed by - and for your use at the next coffee table session for solving the world's problems.

15 - Blindsight is a phenomenon where blind people produce physiological responses to visual stimuli (e.g. angry faces) in spite of not being able to perceive them.

14 - If you removed all of the empty space out of its atoms, you could fit Mount Everest into a shot glass.

13 - The same compound that gives raspberries their flavor is found throughout our galaxy. That's right, the Milky Way tastes like raspberries!

12 - According to the HafeleKeating experiment, time moves faster on westward bound flights than on eastward bound flights (relative to Earth's center).

11 - All of the cells in your body have been dividing ever since life on Earth began. And all of that division will end with your death except for any cells that you pass on to your offspring (1 per child) and a few special circumstances (organ donation, etc)

10 - The lubricant in your knees is one of the slipperiest substances known to man.

9 - When you remember a past event, you're not remembering the event itself, but rather the last time that you remembered it (except the first time of course). In other words you're having a memory of a memory. This is partially why human memories are so inaccurate.

8 - Human sweat is actually odorless. But bacteria eat it and the waste products are what smells.

7 - Your lungs have the same surface area as a tennis court.

6 - Human stomach acid is strong enough to dissolve zinc.

5 - There are fire tornadoes on the sun that are bigger than Earth itself.

4 - You never really "touch" anything. Your atoms simply repel the atoms of other object (all of which are mostly empty space).

3 - Your brain consists mostly of water and fat.

2 - Water only conducts electricity because of its impurities. Perfectly pure water would not conduct electricity.

1 - Out of the four basic forces (gravity, electromagnetic, strong nuclear, and weak nuclear) gravity is the weakest, the easiest to observe, and the least understood.

Hmm...I'm still working on that touch thing, because if that's so, then I shouldn't have all these scrapes on top of my head from the short door frames my head has repelled.



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