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Songs of Spring

March 15, 2016
by Jane Whitmore , Emmetsburg News

Spring in the Air. It's a new season and what a delight it is to hear the songs of Spring.

My favorite is the street sweeper song. There he is, driving along the edges of the streets in town, singing that almost whining song as he gathering up the left-over leaves and accumulated gravel. We need to appreciate this work so all of that winter trash does not go down the storm sewer.

Each year our elementary students reinforce the message: "Do not Dump, Drains to Lake" painted beside storm drains. We need to remember that message.

Thanks for the Spring song, street sweeper guys.

We heard the Robins long before we ever actually saw them. The Robin has long been a harbinger of Spring. When she gets here too early, she sits with her feathers all puffed out as she guards against the cold. This past week, she was probably looking for the same favorite spot to build her nest. If you are lucky enough to have a Robin building near your home, you get to hear her song all Spring long.

The sound of mopeds is joined by the sound of ATVs on the city streets. They make a distinctive sound, recognizable when they are blocks away. Young people hurry on their way to the park, to the home of friends, or to gather in a group to hustle up and down city streets. ATV drivers are headed somewhere, but more likely to be work-related than just out having a good time.

We haven't heard the songs of lawnmowers ... yet. That will come soon enough when the grass gets growing. However, Spring bulbs are sprouting through the ground. Tulips, daffodils, and crocus will all be blooming in no time.

The car washes are busy, with the Spring sound of spraying water. After months of driving on treated roadways, it's time to get rid of the grime. It's time to get out there and get clean.

How quickly we forget the songs of Winter. The sounds of cars warming up. The sounds of scraping ice and snow from vehicle windows. The sound of snow blowers moving inches of snow. The sound of shovels scraping the walks. But wait we may be hearing those sounds again this season. April showers can just as easily be April snows. Even if we do get another Winter storm, we know it won't last long.

Meanwhile, we welcome the Spring rains with songs of droplets splashing against the window, watching lightning flashes, followed by the deep bass of thunder. Spring rains help turn our landscape from brown to green. Farmers are anxious to get in the fields.

We welcome the south breezes that bring flocks of migrating birds through the area in one of the rituals of Spring. Their songs, as they fly high over head, are absolutely joyful. They're on a trip to vacation in the north lands. Take a lesson from the birds and be a little playful - splash in puddles. It's Spring!



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