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‘The Truth Behind My Actions’

November 12, 2015
Emmetsburg News

To the Editor:

Let me begin by thanking all of our Emmetsburg residents who got out and exercised their right to vote. By showing up in large numbers and casting your support for the elected candidates, it has been made clear the path that the majority of our citizens desire to proceed on.

By now many of you have probably heard the "rumors" about me accepting a job in Missouri and the upcoming move me and my family will be making, and are confused and possibly upset of why I even ran for re-election. I would like to give you a timeline and explain my thoughts and actions so there can be no doubt as to my intentions.

Nomination papers for the City Council election were due to the courthouse by September 17th. When I turned in my papers on September 16th, I had every intention of fulfilling the four year term if re-elected by my constituents. Around the first of October I stumbled across a posting for a highly desirable position of Clinical Coordinator at a larger hospital in Missouri. After inquiring and having a phone interview, I was asked to have a face to face interview October 9th. At that time, I looked into removing my name from the ballot, but realized this was no longer possible. Realizing that if I did not get the job, I would remain in Emmetsburg, I then purchased yard signs and took out newspaper ads for my campaign. It was only on October 28th that I was offered the position, and I accepted the offer only one day before the vote. Knowing the importance of the election, I felt it was important for the voters in Ward 2 to have the opportunity to have a strong alternative to Ms. Grose, and I did NOT want to be a part of any last minute write in campaign, thus I chose to proceed as if I had no plans to leave Emmetsburg.

I assure you, I never had any intentions to trick or deceive anyone and only ran for re-election because I wanted to give the people a chance to cast their votes not for me, but for the ideals and vision they want to represent them. Hopefully I have accomplished that feat and those who supported me and my ideas will not feel too let down or betrayed by my actions. Is the timing unfortunate? Sure, however we do not choose when opportunity knocks, we only choose whether or not we answer the door.

Although I have truly enjoyed my time here, in an effort to build a better tomorrow for myself and my family our time here has come to a close. I have met, worked with, and made friendships with a lot of great people who have influenced my life and made my family and I feel welcome and appreciated here. I will not let the recent on goings or feelings of a few tarnish my thoughts of the many great people of Emmetsburg and the surrounding area.

I know Emmetsburg has a bright future and will continue to build on the many assets this community possesses. I wish my fellow council members the best and hope they and the community can come together to support one another and work towards making Emmetsburg a better and brighter place for its current residents and all those who will someday call Emmetsburg home.

Thank you,

(signed) Tony Kauten

Emmetsburg, IA



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