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Something In The Wind?

October 22, 2015
Emmetsburg News

To the Editor:

I've heard that there are wind developers hoping to build 100 wind turbines in Palo Alto County.

The biggest problem I see is that wind companies do not want to supply Iowa with wind energy. They want to build gigantic wind farms and transmission lines here on our horizons then send all the electricity to areas who have more lucrative markets and want to save their horizons.

MidAmerican, ITC and Clean Line Energy Partners are looking for private land to take for these enterprises. They are lobbying in DC for federal eminent domain rights to build gigantic transmission lines. In the wind rush half of the land owners with turbines will be paid regularly and half will have their farms dissected against their will for "fair market value" for power lines.

The US Great Lakes have more wind energy than all of Iowa yet not one turbine has ever been built offshore in the US. The American Wind Energy Assoc. states on their website that wind technology exists for all 50 states.

If each county in Iowa had 5-20 turbines (depending on population) that would be enough supplemental electricity. Wind farms need to be outlawed and turbines carefully zoned to keep peace between neighbors.

If you do hope to have a turbine on your land make sure that you read the contract thoroughly and understand it completely. It would also be best to speak with your neighbors. We get used to doing pretty much whatever we want on our own land but 50-100 people should not be able to hijack the whole horizon of the county for profit.

We need to discuss turbine regulations now.

(signed)Janna Swanson

3345 440th St

Ayrshire, IA



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