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An Open Letter

October 13, 2015
Emmetsburg News

o The Editor

I believe Pete Hamilton has been active in an organization called Citizens for Responsible Government. This organization was formed to promote better, fairer, more open and transparent city government. This is what I understood as the purpose. He ran for a seat on the City Council, which is a responsible endeavor. He was involved in a suit to stop the beautiful and highly successful community center called The Shores. That was divisive and unnecessary since it was privately funded.

And then there is the recent undercover campaign to unseat three members of the school board. These three people are well-regarded in the community with children in school. They served faithfully to help improve the schools here.

The general public knew nothing about this until the day of the election, not even the election officials. They thought the incumbents were unopposed. This deprived people of the opportunity to know the write-ins and compare them with the incumbents. Responsible government?

Then he goes to his first board meeting and almost upsets the apple cart. His questions caused our West Bend partners to doubt the plans being made. He questions our board and the administration.

Responsible? Most people who serve on boards and committees just listen and learn the first few meetings. He may mean well,but he has a lot to learn.

(Signed), Janice Kassel



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