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Sweet Corn Summer

September 24, 2015
by Cecilia Durhman Moen , Emmetsburg News

Each summer I watch the weather along with the farmers. I pray for rain when crops are dry and for sunshine when they're swimming. I listen to any farmer-talk I'm lucky enough to overhear, all while hoping for another successful year.

The middle of summer comes and I carefully begin to watch the farmer's market and the street corners for the trucks that will come in to town loaded with sweet corn, those ears of gold!

You see, I was raised primarily in California. Now there's corn in California and I ate corn and enjoyed corn while growing up. But there's nothing like Iowa sweet corn and that's what I fell in love with on a trip to Iowa when I was in the fifth grade. It was so superior to anything I'd tasted before that it was hard to believe it was really the same vegetable.

Lucky enough to live in Iowa in my adult years, I make sure to to freeze sweet corn every summer. While my kids were still at home we froze masses of corn. This year we only froze 52-quarts. Now, to me, that's just one bag of corn per week. I don't think that's too much corn. I did have a few friends who were astonished at the amount. Of course, some of that corn makes its way into my daughter's freezer as part of her Christmas gift each year.

I can't thank our sweet corn farmers enough for becoming part of my Iowa life and tradition. I always know that each August there'll be a day or two of shucking, cutting, blanching, chilling and freezing, along with the sticky clean-up job. I look forward to it. I know the work is worth it every week all year long when I open that frozen bag of sweet corn. For me, sweet corn is the manna that tells me Iowa is the promised land!



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