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From One Baby Boomer To Another

September 3, 2015
by Jane Whitmore , Emmetsburg News

Here's the headline of an article written by Michael Bivona:

Are Baby Boomers Forgetting Something

Essential When Planning Retirement?

Many Don't Realize It Until They Stop Working

"Pre-retirees and retirees are rightly concerned about whether they can afford retirement. But not having enough to do is another kind of deficit that is frequently overlooked until it's too late," says Bivona, author of the book "Retiring? Beware!! Don't Run Out of Money and Don't Become Bored" (

Mr. Bivona raises some valid points. Soon after retirement, he and his wife were bored our of their minds. Their simple plan for retirement just wasn't what they thought it would be.

He offers possible avenues to explore for a fulfilling retirement lifestyle.

Develop a social network with senior civic centers is Bivona's first tip. Palo Alto County has an active Senior Center right in the heart of Emmetsburg. They have lunch every day which is catered locally, and programs every now and then. People looking for somewhere to volunteer their time might scope out this place.

Other places to volunteer might be Palo Alto County Health System - the Iowa Welcome Center, connected to Emmetsburg Chamber of Commerce - reading with students at the schools - or any number of civic organizations, including Emmetsburg Main Street Community Theatre and the Palo Alto Arts Council.

The community theatre group has a new play coming up and they are always looking for actors and workers behind the scenes. What are your special talents?

Try on a pair of dancing shoes. Bivona cites benefits that include exercise, coordination and possibly enjoying a romantic hobby with your spouse or others.

There aren't as many venues for dancers as their used to be -- you have to look. Right along those lines are yoga and water aerobics at the Smith Wellness Center. It's all about fluidity of motion and getting up and moving.

Make the most of your travels. Traveling is a common bucket list item for most retirees. Of course, it's going to cost you. That's why this is a subject that perfectly combines the two great concerns for retirement: money and purpose, both of which can be maximized with "research, research, research, Bivona says.

There are a number of trips available for singles or groups. Iowa Trust &?Savings Bank sponsors trips and so does the radio station in Spencer. Save your spare change and see where it can take you.

Stay sharp and keep learning.

We have the perfect setting for learning. Iowa Lakes Community College is right in our back yard. They offer some interesting classes tailored just for you. Isn't there a Saturday horticulture class coming up soon?

Baby Boomers - you don't have to live in the city and you don't have to travel far to have a good time, expand your mind and exercise your muscles. Palo Alto County has a lot to offer, so take advantage.



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