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Who Is Responsible?

February 3, 2015
Emmetsburg News

Letter to the Editor:

I can't help but noticed all the editorials being written concerning what happened to Joel Fantz our county engineer. The leadership Joel has shown throughout the years and the accomplishments he has helped see through will not be matched by any individual The real reason for his removal are known only to a handful of individuals and that's the way they want it. What are the reasons? Well, what have you heard on the streets? Were any of the reasons personal? And how old are some of those reasons? There is usually a bit of truth to what you hear. So, who is responsible for Joel being released from his duties? There are a lot of folks responsible. Of course, we point only to the board of supervisors. The people of Palo Alto County that voted these individuals in office have a hand in it as well. We as voters really need to think about who we are putting into office and why? People with personal agendas need to be kept out of any elected office. What is done is done and they can live with their decision. They flipped a switch and Joel is gone. We as voters can do the same thing as these terms come up. I wish Joel and his family the best of luck and also to Palo Alto County because we'll need it.

(signed) Mark Walsh

Palo Alto County Citizen

Emmetsburg, IA



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