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Reader’s “Two Cents Worth”

January 27, 2015
Emmetsburg News

To the Editor:

After reading the recent letters concerning the Board of Supervisors' decision to terminate the contract with Joel Fantz, I want to comment. I want to say first and foremost that I agree that Joel and Mina Fantz and their family are an asset to Emmetsburg, I also want to say that the Board of Supervisors (actually members of any governing board) at times have a thankless job. When sworn into office they realize they will be making decisions that don't necessarily have majority support but they do their job for the best interest of the body they are serving for.

I have served on the Emmetsburg School Board since 2009. During the past five years we, as a school board, have entered into closed session for various reasons. It is understood that everything discussed in closed session is confidential.

As the Emmetsburg newspaper reported, "The Board honored [Mr. Fantz's] request and went into closed session under Iowa Code Chapter 21.5.1(i)....After the closed session discussion, the board re-convened in open session." Based on that discussion the Board of Supervisors voted.

As someone once said, "No matter how thin it is, a pancake always has two sides." I think this is an excellent analogy to the Board of Supervisors situation. There is the side that the public saw and heard once the meeting returned to open session. And there is the side that only the board members and Mr. Fantz will have knowledge of what occurred during closed session.

It basically comes down to no one person is right or wrong unless you know the ENTIRE story and in this situation the ENTIRE story is not for the public to be aware of. Let us acknowledge Joel for his years of service and the positive changes/additions he has brought to Palo Alto County. Let us also acknowledge the Board of Supervisors and the duties they execute in their elected positions.

Just my two cents worth...


Kim Campbell

Emmetsburg, IA



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