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Volunteer To Host RAGBRAI Riders

How Many Tents Will Your Yard Hold?

June 17, 2014
by Jane Whitmore , Emmetsburg News

Emmetsburg will be an overnight host for bicyclers traveling across the State of Iowa on RAGBRAI XVII this summer.

The housing committee has requests from 180 teams and individuals who are looking for a yard to camp in or a home to sleep in on Monday night, July 21. Some teams have been located, but there are many more that need to be placed.

Anyone interested in hosting bicycle riders is asked to contact Jeremy Ward at 712-852-5210 or e-mail

Here is a partial list of riders. Choose the team you can host and contact Jeremy with the team number:

2. Group is looking for housing for 10 people. Group is made up of long time United Methodists. Camping is not out of the question for us, but looking for a few showers.

3. Team Hops and Chops:

Group consisting of 3 riders and 1 driver staying in a Class C motorhome. Group seeks shade to park the vehicle and the possibility to connect to an electric outlet and a garden hose. Group may possibly set up tents depending on the weather (heat) and the availability of an electric hook up (AC).

5. Team Wimpy:

Group consists of approximately 60-65 riders. Average age is 45. There are 2-4 teenagers who travel with parents. The group is mostly professionals and 65% male.

Age 20-30: 10 people

Age 30-40: 20 people

Age 40-60: 30 people

Over 60: 5 people

They also have a 60 passenger school bus and one support vehicle. They would prefer to be at a home that is 6-12 blocks from the activities, but this is not crucial.

6. Team Cow (The Udder Team):

Team of approximately 25 people with a unique "cow" bus name Sir Loin, along with a couple of smaller vehicles. The bus is the size of a large school bus. We also have a trailer for our camping supplies, a pickup truck for emergency SAG vehicle, a couple of SUVs. Would prefer to pull the bus and trailer into a driveway. Need a water hookup for a hose we bring. We're not a rowdy bunch, though we do know how to enjoy RAGBRAI as well as the community hosting us! Looking for a home to stay at that could have enough space for around 20 tents. May want to stay in home if bad storms come through the area. Group has their own bedding. We bring our own shower (need water hookup), have our own sanitary toilet in the gear trailer. We have a couple of smokers, but they are respectful to not smoke inside, and we maintain a clean area outside. Mixed gender group, mostly guys, and 5 women, age ranging from 30's to 50's. Visit our Facebook page at

8. Team Navy: Looking for host to up to 40 active and retired Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard riders. Need place to pitch tents and have parking for a bus and Penske truck.

9. Team Basterd: Group of 14 males who would prefer the use of shower and toilet facilities in home, sleeping space inside home, and in home floor space.

10. Male and female couple. Both are medical professionals. Female works as FNP in emergency medicine and male is a cardiologist. Both are from Des Moines. In late 40s, early 50s and are fairly low key. Would like a home stay.

11. Team of 3 riders and driver for a midsize RV. We are a group of retired and active railroad guys who love to tell lies and drink beer. An electrical hookup and use of showers and bath would exceed our expectations.

12. Team Trees Forever Eco Lips and Eco Lips Organic Cycle Team: Group of 8. We have a van and a small trailer to carry our gear. We will sleep in tents in a yard. Would like access to bath and shower.

13. Family of 5 made up of 3 males and 2 females. Husband, wife, daughter and two sons. One child is high school age and other two children are in their 20s. Looking for floor space indoors and access to shower and toilet facilities.

14. Team Rawhide Riders: RGroup of 20 plus. Low maintenance and low impact. Can camp in one yard and shower across a few neighbor houses. Everyone camps, would need access to bathroom and shower. Have one support vehicle.

15. Team Loon: Group of 23 males and 12 females. Average age of group is 52. 5 loons who are minors. Would like tent camping in a yard for around 26 tents. Would like some in home sleeping space as well for 4 or 5 people if available. Our 2 drivers smoke. We have a RV and trailer with gear that would need driveway space to park. Would like access to shower and toilet facilities. We go as a non-drinking team.

16. Team Wartburg Knight Riders: Group of 30, but only looking for housing for 10. The 10 are made up of 7 males and 3 females. Looking for tent camping in a yard, shower and toilet facilities, in home sleeping space with floor space for 10 people.

17. Looking for housing for my husband and I. Would like to stay in a home, church, or daycare with either a bed, sofa, or floor. We will be bringing our own bedding. Would like access to shower, but we will bring our own towels. We need no meals, as we support the local churches and clubs for meals. We are non-smokers.

18. Team OYL (a.k.a. "On Your Left"): Group of 13 total, but housing for 10. For 4 years, this team has organized to include a team for his kids and family friends. Ages range from 7-65. Team consists of a retired police officer from Berkley, California and a rider from Belgium. We are great guests, grateful, respectful, quiet, and very, very appreciative of any hospitality (yard or floor for camping, access to shower and bathroom). Looking for tenting in yard with about 7 tents and in home sleeping space.

19. Team FLYGIRL'N'TAGALONGS: Group of 4; 2 male 2 females. Would like tent space in yard with 3 tents. Access to shower and toilet facilities. We are all 60 plus years in age.

21. Team Waladoke Joegle: Group of 4 males and 2 females. Prefer in house sleeping space or floor space inside for 6 people. If not, they could do 4 tents in yard. Would like access to shower and toilet facilities. They are a non-smoking group, quiet, respectful and enjoy meeting Iowans.

22. Team Turb: One male looking for home to have access to a driveway to park motor home.

23. Group of 3 males late 40s, early 50s looking for a home with sleeping space inside and floor space inside, along with shower and toilet facilities. One is an engineer, one is a correctional officer, one is a CNA and gardening is a hobby of theirs.

25. Group of 2 males and 2 females looking for tenting in a yard, in home sleeping space or floor space, and access to shower and toilet facilities. Group consists of a retired teacher who farms on the family farm from Minburn, Iowa. Two are from Sterling Illinois, one is originally from Clinton, Iowa. Local government worker and nurse. Age ranges from 25-65. Would prefer to sleep in a bed or on the floor inside, but can tent outside too. Group will have a Honda Civic as a support vehicle. Non-smokers, we are respectful, clean and easy to get along with.

27. Team Shortcut: Group of 4 females who would like to have sleeping space in a home or on the floor in home, along with access to shower and toilet facilities. We are not big drinkers, but do enjoy something cold at the end of the day. Non-smoking group. 50 and older except one person is 25. Would love to be indoors in air condition and have space for air mattresses or cots.

28. Team Arndt: 1 male 1 female team. Would like to put motor home or van in driveway and have access to shower and toilet facilities.

29. Team BCH Squared: Team of 2 males. In home sleeping space or floor space preferred. Need overnight electricity for father's CPAP breathing machine. Father and son team from central Iowa. Father is a Polk County Highway worker and gospel singer, and son is a software engineer. Would like access to shower and toilet facilities. Can tent if absolutely last resort.

30. Team Out Spokin: Team of 6 males and 6 females. Looking for sleeping space inside or on the floor inside, can tent outside if needed and would like access to shower and toilet facilities. Team is made up of middle aged people (average age 44). Professionals and very respectful.

31. Male independent rider age 52. Iowa native, but lives in California. Would like in home sleeping space and shower and toilet facilities. He is a biomedical engineer, recovering from a 2 month old total knee replacement, looking for a quiet bed or couch to sleep on to provide hope that total knee replacement patients can ride RAGBRAI again.

32. Team Fed Riders: Group of 4 males and 1 female. Group is made up of a group from a church, looking for tenting in a yard. Ages ranging from 26-60.

33. Team Winson's Wag: Team of 3 females and 1 male. Team is looking for floor space in a home for 4 people and access to shower and toilet facilities. Age ranges from 23-67. Group made up of an engineer, 3 fitness fanatics, and a restaurant up-and-comer.

34. Team Comma: Team looking for tent camping in a yard made up of 5 males and 1 female. Group is comprised of Middle-Aged men and a retired couple. Professionals from Madison, WI; Washington, D.C., and Tallahassee, FL. Members range from riding RAGBRAI with people doing their second ride to one who has done 9 rides. A couple of members grew up in Grinnell, IA, graduated from Grinnell H.S. and Grinnell College. Two served in the US Army and they then received graduate degrees in biology. Dr. retired from University of Wisconsin-Madison, one is a retired librarian, one Dr. is a professor of Biology at Catholic University in D.C. They need tenting space for 3 tents, 2 tent. Also will have 1 Toyota Mini-van.

35. Team Skunk: Group of 1 male and 2 females, looking for in home sleeping space. If not enough space in home, there would be a need for 1 tent in the yard. The team is in their mid-50s, from Des Moines, and 1 male and 1 female are from London, England.

37. Team Saints and Sinners: Team of 8 males and 1 female. Looking for host home for 5 tents in yard and shower and toilet facilities. 3 sets of families. One family has 2 children. One member is a college counselor, all are former Iowans who are now from the Ozarks.

38. Team Alyce and Friends: Team of 1 male and 2 females. Looking for in home sleeping space, floor space for 3 people, shower and toilet facility usage, and tent space for 2 tents. One person uses a Cpap machine. Two people are in their 50s and one is 82.

40. Team DZsCO: Team of 1 male, 1 female. Looking for in home sleeping space. Husband and wife in their late 30s.

41. Team Ludvig: Team of 4 males and 3 females. Looking for a host home for motor home; 5th wheel. Would like water connection if possible. It's their 1st family ride, its part of an uncle's Bucket List; he is 74. We are Norwegian.

42. Team Harvey: 1 male and 1 female team. Looking for in home sleeping space. Born and bred in NW iowa. I am returning at age 79 for my 4th RAGBRAI ride. My wife is 76 and will be driving the car with the bike rack. We would like a room with 2 beds.

Look for more teams in future editions of The Reporter and The Democrat.

A complete list of housing requests is available at the Chamber Office.



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