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Would You?

May 15, 2014
Emmetsburg News

o the Editor:

Would you treat yourself and your bedroom like most of our top soil is treated?

Rock phosphate, when it comes from the mine, can only be advertized as a 0-3-0. Add an acid to it and it can be as much or more as 0-40-0. Would you spray your P.J.s with an acid before you put them on?

The bottom sheet, spray it with a ground applied herbicide, just like you would the soil.

The mattress pad needs some poison for nematodes.

The top sheet, you use a contact spray. That should get any weed that the soil applied herbicide doesn't get.

The pillow case, cover it with lime sulphur. Lime sulphur is for blight and fungus in small fruit production like berries and grapes. I've known of two producers, in the past, that never used this product as they concentrated their effort on healthy soil.

Organic material, if placed more than six inches deep, turns into gasses - hydrogen sulphide, methanol, formaldehyde, etc. - to name some. Place two containers, one above the ceiling and one below the floor, that contain these gases. Push a button that opens these containers that lets the lighter than air gases rise from the bottom and the heavy gas comes from above.

Push another button that opens container that are back of all four walls that contain anhydrous ammonia.

Sweet Dreams

(signed)?Marvin R. Duhn

Emmetsburg, IA



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