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April 22, 2014
Emmetsburg News

As Emmetsburg prepares to host RAGBRAI for an overnight stay July 21, here are some thoughts about the annual event, compiled by veteran riders Greg and Steven Hoyman.These "RAGBRAI?Moments" are intended to give people some insight into RAGBRAI and what goes on behind the scenes.

We have had a bunch of great people in our group over the years. They have come from everywhere, originally from Emmetsburg but now from all over: Winnipeg Canada, California, Germany, Texas, Minnesota, South Dakota, etc.

It has always been fun to see how people enjoy or do not enjoy the bike ride. The biking is not usually the problem rather the crowds, the lines, the group showers, and the weather.

There is no ride in the country (or world) quite like RAGBRAI. It is a great place with great people. It is a great way to show Iowa and its people to others around the world.

RAGBRAI is dependent upon the help of:

1) The Iowa Highway Patrol

2) The support of the Des Moines Register

3) The support of the overnight and pass thru towns

4) The Friendliness and support of Iowa people

Registered Riders

The riders are charged $160 by the register for the week. Here are a number of people that ride RAGBRAI that do not get passes. The RAGBRAI organization recommends charging more for non-registered Riders. The non-registered bikers expect and accept this. Also, the registered riders appreciate the effort to make these people "pay up" for not being registered riders.



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