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Push Of Spring

April 15, 2014
by Cecilia Durham-Moen , Emmetsburg News

The push of Spring has officially arrived and I can tell it everywhere! I awoke this morning to bright sunshine and the whirl of the street cleaner, followed closely by a lawnmower and knew, it has truly come. We've all been waiting...some more patiently than others! This time of year, when the days begin to warm, the push of Spring occurs - that urge to celebrate the end of winter in countless and meaningful ways!

Sporting folks are preparing their convertibles, motorcycles and boats. Farmer's are busy planning and preparing to plant. Wardrobes are being surveyed before the big change comes, some things deleted and some new items purchased. The tax deadline is upon us. The celebration of Easter is around the corner. The birds are returning and their houses and nesting boxes need to be clean and ready.

At our home I've already skillfully killed the first fly! I've been busy reviewing seed catalogues in hopes of finding just the right vegetables to plant this year, hoping for much better than last year's gardening failure. I'm considering what flowers to add to the flower beds this year - every year they get something new. I'll be busy watching to see if the Iris' (my favorite flower) I added last year have survived the winter and will make a return. This year I'm considering planting some fruit trees across the back of my yard. It seems everywhere I've lived I've planted fruit trees and Iris beds. Sometimes I've lived in the home long enough to see the product of my work come to fruition, and sometimes not. Once again we'll try to induce butterflies and birds to frequent our yards throughout the summertime. All this because I feel the push of Spring.

We've begun Spring cleaning. It's a nasty job but feels so freeing. Last year we were busy with wedding plans and let some things go. As a person who lives in a small home I know that for every new thing I bring in, something has to go. We have piles for Sell, Donate, Give to certain people, and the ever growing Trash pile!

As I get older I also feel more able to part with things that in previous times I've held tightly to. As a woman of divorce I kept some items thinking that I may never have a chance to own certain nice things again. With every year however, I find that I truly need less and less 'things'. The things I do find important are memories so if an items stirs up memories in my soul then they are much more likely to be kept. I love items from my travels especially. And I collect books! I love books! But let's face it, once you've read a book, you're not too likely to return to it. It's time, once again, to share my wealth of books, though parting with them is always difficult. Home decor items from 'last season' - it's time to move to another home. Crafting supplies are never given up but are always in need of organizing. The front closet holds all kinds of things we think we need close at hand but it's become so full that we can't seem to find those prized items anyway! Another odd spot at my home that needs sorting is the stuff that gets put on top of the refrigerator!

For hubby, he's busy cleaning out clothing drawers, putting new line on fishing reels, lubricating bike chains, sorting through the shed, cleaning up the mess the dogs made in the side yard over the winter, sorting through all the things that were put in the basement over the winter and giving the grill a good cleaning. He's also in charge of moving 'winter' things to the basement and rotating the 'summer' things back up stairs.

There are so many great places to donate to. Shoes go to ILCC to be sent overseas. Clothing not going to consignment are great for Horizons Unlimited or Goodwill. Books are great for the library's annual book sale at the fair. Items from previous pets and old towels go to People for Pets, Safe Haven Animal Shelter or the Humane Society of NW Iowa. Coats are great for the drives each fall so all community members are kept cozy. Food items you maybe purchased in error or have an overload of are great for the food bank. Cans and bottles make the trip to be recycled at Horizons.

And the time is ripe for taking down the storm windows and putting in the screens. This year I vow to clean the storm windows before they take their place in the basement! We have a new gutter system that we'll install after hubby cleans the gutters out. And it's past time to gather all those branches that fell in the yard over the winter.

With each step the house seems lighter. I like that feeling, I like it a lot! Yes, the push of Spring is in full force in my household! This prepares us for the onslaught of our beloved Summer. We fill our summer with grilling, kayaking, fishing and a trip to the cabin. And this year we long to add: lounging in our new zero-gravity reclining lawn chairs, using the fire pit, having more friends over, grilling with neighbors and more yard games.

Yes, Spring, come push me! Let's enjoy each moment after this long, cold winter!



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