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Could It Happen Here In Iowa?

April 10, 2014
Emmetsburg News

To the Editor:

A little before 1980 we moved to Minnesota. A number of years before that another family moved to that area and farmed. They had moved from the San Francisco area of California. There they lived on a small farm with stock cattle for livestock. He also worked in law enforcement. He was part of what we heard of as the riot police.

Someone from a large food company in the area told him "they were going to drop the price of cattle so there would be no profit for the farmers."?Our neighbor then asked, "Will you also take a loss on your cattle?"?as that company had a few farms with cattle themselves. "No we will make that up in our packing plant."?Our neighbor told me "Today (today was maybe about 1990) that company now owns that whole valley, except for maybe five or six farms."

Could that be what is going on all over our nation?

Last month I called to Lions, Nebraska to the Center for Rural Affairs, and talked to John Crabtree and told him of this. His reply, "I?hear more of this all the time."

Could it happen here in Iowa?

Two years ago California voted on Proposition 37 to have food labeled if it contained G.M.O. products. The proponents spent eight million to promote it. Six companies spent forty six milion to oppose it. It didn't pass. Today I see and hear how the next forty-six million is being spent here in Iowa.

(signed)?Marvin R. Duhn

Emmetsburg, IA



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