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Wake Up Consumers: Fight Against Corporate Take-Over of Our Food System

April 3, 2014
Emmetsburg News

To the Editor:

This was written, some time ago, by Marie Zellar, director of Clean Water Action Minnesota, St. Paul.

Permission was given to use any or all of this article in a letter to the editor, by Marie Zellar. This is only a part of her total article.

Marie's concern is the loss of independent farmers and the increasing control of a handful of multinational corporations that leaves the consumer little choice but to buy the food on the grocery store shelf regardless of how it was produced, and who profited from its production. Also they are not very interested in consumers concerns about the quality of their food.

Do we want, as consumers, for the only meat available to us to be laced with hormones and antibiotics?

Consumers are purposely made to feel powerless in this debate. "It's the global economy stupid"?is the agri-business mantra as if we have no say in what happens next.

We should press the government, our elected, to enforce federal anti-trust policies meant to prevent monopoly control over our food system.

Marie continues - We can support farmers by buying from them directly and local meat markets that process meat from independent producers.

If good, safe food is important to you, let your elected officials know it.

Thank you,

(signed)?Marvin R. Duhn

Emmetsburg, IA



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