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Culver Honored

March 27, 2014
Emmetsburg News
RETIREMENT RECEPTION -- Brian Culver was honored at a retirement reception last Friday at Emmetsburg City Hall. Culver has worked for Emmetsburg Municipal Utilities for over 35 years. City staffers presented Brian with a Twins golf bag, embroidered Twins golf towel and Twins golf balls that he can use in his retirement. Emmetsburg City Administrator John Bird (at left) made the presentation, then held Brian’s baby granddaughter so he could open his gift of appreciation.
Culver retires as wastewater forman, a position he has held since1988. He worked summers at EMU through college and began his full time job in 1978 at a wage of $2.65 per hour. His duties included lab work and work in the water department.
One of the biggest changes Culver has seen in his career involves meter reading. “We used to do it all by hand, going in each house, sometimes down in the basement, and recording the meter readings with pencil and paper. Now we are working toward radio reads.”
Culver pointed out, “We’re a good municipal. Emmetsburg Municipal Utilities has spent millions to keep up with EPA standards. A lot of cities cannot afford to do the upgrades.”
Brian Culver’s family joined him at his Retirement Reception. Daughter Jody Seaquist and baby Isabelle June came from Elysia, MN; and son Brett Culver lives in Emmetsburg. Brian’s wife, Tami, plans to retire this year as well.
“I’ve worked with a lot of good people and made a lot of good friends over the years,” Culver said. “I plan to keep in touch with them.” --Jane Whitmore photo


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