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“Honest, Efficient and Service Oriented”

March 20, 2014
Emmetsburg News

To the Editor:

A few days ago, I came across a copy of the Democrat from last September that I had set aside, and re-read the tribute to Jerry Hofstad after his unexpected passing. I remember my first encounter with Jerry in the supervisor's boardroom a few years back, where I was a little taken aback by his forthright delivery Jerry wasn't one to dance around the issue! Despite that first impression of his being a somewhat cranky old curmudgeon, I grew to genuinely like and respect him, and appreciated his contribution to the board. His death closely followed that of another man I held in high esteem, my farm neighbor and former supervisor, Denny Schumacher of Mallard.

Their deaths caused me once again to reflect on how fortunate we've been in this county to be consistently represented by a group of supervisors who put the good of our county ahead of their own personal gain. In attending the occasional board meeting through the years, I always come away with a feeling of respect and gratitude to have them representing my county. While the individual supervisors may disagree among themselves, they treat each other respectfully and use those disagreements to better hone solutions that better address the various concerns of our citizens, rather than lapsing into the shrill rhetoric, partisan politics, and self-promotion that characterizes my image of our U.S. Congress. I've often thought how much better off we'd be if we threw out the whole lot in Congress and replaced them with our board of supervisors! (Not to mention the money we'd save in salaries.)

In closing, I'd just like to say how lucky I feel to have the honest, efficient, and service oriented county government we are blessed with here in Palo Alto County. Not just confined to the board of supervisors, we have knowledgeable and capable employees throughout the courthouse and on the roads, providing prompt and courteous service to us every day. I offer my sincere "Thank you" to all our past and present county employees.

(signed)?Fred Wirtz Jr.

West Bend, IA



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