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Vote “Yes” On Proposition D

October 22, 2013
Emmetsburg News

Fellow citizens, voters and tax payers of Emmetsburg:

On Tuesday, November 5th, you have a unique opportunity to help your community in many ways.

The trustees of the Emmetsburg Municipal Utilities are exploring an opportunity bring telecommunications offerings to Emmetsburg. This opportunity will bring Local ownership, Local service and an important technological upgrade (the only fiber optic to the home system in the community) to Emmetsburg.

We are asking for your help in this important effort. EMU wants to join nineteen other communities in the state of Iowa who took the step to look out for their own future.

These services will help us retain telecommunications revenues locally and provide enhanced television, internet and phone services for our residents.

While this may mean a potential increase in local property tax, the studies and research we have done over several years show that reduced pricing, not only from the proposed EMU Telecommunications offering but also from lower pricing due to increased competition from the existing non-local companies, will more than offset any potential tax increase in almost every tax scenario we reviewed.

Property taxes are a sensitive issue and as each EMU trustee pays taxes our goal has been to address that issue immediately. As we said earlier, the projected savings due to enhanced competition will more than offset any potential tax increase in almost every projection we reviewed. All you have to do is visit communities in the area that already offer these services. Their telecommunications rates are less than we are all currently paying.

Additional competition will provide lower pricing and better service which our residents deserve.

Emmetsburg has had many positive efforts in terms of growth. Enhanced telecommunications offerings are vital when it comes to attracting, retaining and growing our local business economy. These services are also critical when attracting and retaining citizens as well.

This all adds up to trying to grow our community.

Progress needs to be supported. If we are not trying to grow we are dying. Many small county seat towns in Iowa are suffering economically and shrinking in terms of population and their ability to be viable for their citizens. This initiative to bring local telecommunications ownership back to Emmetsburg is critical in these efforts to maintain and grow our small community.

Years ago local ownership of television and phone services benefited our community in many ways. EMU wants to bring that type of service back to Emmetsburg and improve the telecommunications products that our citizens receive as well.

Together we can do this. We ask that you vote YES for proposition "D" on November 5th.

Please vote, we are asking all residents of Emmetsburg to come to the polls to vote for the future of our community.


The trustees of the Emmetsburg

Municipal Utilities: (signed)

Deb Davis Chairperson

Nick Steinkamp Trustee

Rick Brennan Trustee

Paul Saxton Trustee

Laurie Schneider - Trustee



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