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Spring Things

April 18, 2013
Jane Whitmore , Emmetsburg News

Spring is right around the corner, even though we are still experiencing days that look and feel like winter. We may go directly from winter to summer -- you just can't out-guess Mother Nature.

It's time to start planning those annual "spring things" like spring cleaning, garage sales, recycling and clean-up week -- followed by some welk deserved time outdoors.

First on the agenda, time to get your golf clubs out and get them polished. It's great to start the season with shiny clean clubs.

There has been a change in the landscape at the golf course. The former clubhouse is gone, leaving green space at the edge of the lake.

This Friday the board members of Five Island Golf will host the Chamber Coffee at the new temporary clubhouse. The public is invited to check out the new digs. Dedicated volunteers have finished the inside of the building and it is ready for use. It's pretty nice for what will eventually become storage space for golf carts.

The Chamber Coffee is from 9:30 to 10:30, with a ribbon cutting at 10 a.m. at the temporary clubhouse.

Friday evening is a 6 p.m. pot-luck at the temporary clubhouse, along with sign-up for men's and women's golf league. We're counting on a great season.

Spring cleaning can more accurately be called "repurposing" -- sorting, selling and recycling. You know the adage -- one man's trash is another man's treasure. Seems I've got a lot of treasures.

While spring cleaning, there are certain items that cannot go to the landfill.

Palo Alto County now has a household hazardous materials satellite collection center at the Transfer Station. You need to call ahead for an appointment and to let them know what type of household hazardous materials you intend to take to the center.

What is household hazardous material??A household product is considered hazardous if it contains one of the following signal words:?warning, caution, danger or poison. That encompasses a lot of products.

Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 12 noon to 4 p.m. and the first Saturday of each month, 9 am. to 12 noon.

Recycling is quite gratifying. Paper, plastics, tin and glass can all be recycled. We have curbside recycling twice each month -- the second and fourth Tuesday of each month north of Highway 18; the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month South of Highway 18.

The purpose of recycling is to keep these materials out of the landfill, thus reducing the amount of solid waste. We all pay for this service, so let's use it!

E-Waste and Brown Goods Recycling dates are Monday, April 29, north of Highway 18; and Tuesday, April 30, south of Highway 18. This is another service we all pay for, but last year a small percentage of Emmetsburg residents took advantage of the service.

What can you recycle (and keep out of the landfill)? All types of computer and electronic equipment, including items as small as a mouse and as large as an photocopier, can be recycled -- plus: hard drive, desk top, lap top, keyboard, external modem, monitor, server, scanner, printer -- and, pager telephone, fax machine, CD-Rom, speakers and VCR. Kitchen items, including can opener and toasters can be recycled.

What cannot be set out on E-Waste and Brown Goods recycling day??No microwaves and no vacuums.

Garage sales have never been a big part of my life -- either hosting or shopping. For some, garage sales are a social event and for others a collector's haven. Hosting a garage sale takes a ton of organization and coordination. Citywide Garage Sale dates are Friday and Saturday, May 3 and May 4. So, get sorting through your treasures.

After the garage sale and E-Waste and Brown Goods recycling, if you still have "stuff" to get rid of, Clean-Up Week is May 6 through May 10. Pickup corresponds with regular solid waste pickup day.

Start by purchasing a permit at City Hall for $19, then start sorting. All waste must be placed in bags or disposable containers and small, light weight furniture. Tires and white appliances require an extra tag.

Your spring "to do" list just got longer, so let's get busy with repurposing your "stuff".



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