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A ‘White’ Easter?

March 28, 2013
Jane Whitmore , Emmetsburg News

How long has it been since we've had a "white" Easter? White Christmas, yes. But Easter?

We should research how often Easter lands in March. Not to say, however, that there hasn't been snow in April. We have had many snowstorms and blizzards in that early Spring month.

For many years, Dorothy Muckey from Algona and I would travel to Iowa Press Women conferences in April. That's when we had the annual statewide meeting. No matter where the conference was held, it generally took a day for us to get there. We took the "scenic" route, you see.

Dorothy and I shared great experiences traveling the state. Our biggest adventures were usually weather related. One that comes to mind was our trip to Bettendorf/Quad Cities. We stayed in Jumer's Castle, an interesting sort of place.

Our Press Women gatherings featured speakers, networking and contest awards. You never know what you're going to learn when you get a group of highly motivated women together in one room.

The conference was good and then we began our trip home to Northwest Iowa. It was raining when we left Bettendorf. The rain turned to sleet and then to slushy snow, making for a slippery drive. The farther North we traveled, the colder and we encountered snowlots of snow. Then the wind picked up.

Our last hour of driving was on snow drifted roads with near zero visibility. We were relieved to pull in the driveway at Algona. There was no way I was going to drive another half hour (probably longer than that considering the weather) to get home to Emmetsburg. By mid-morning the next day, the roads were clear enough to travel.

Our Press Women conferences often coincided with the NCAA basketball tournament finals. Bud, the husband of one of our members, and I always bet on the final game. He would stay in the hotel room and watch the game and I would attend the annual banquet. Not sure what we "bet," but over the years we both won/lost about the same number of times. How is your bracket looking this year?

Back to Easter, do you think we will be hiding Easter eggs in the snow this year? The forecast calls for warming weather, but will it be warm enough to melt all of our snow?

Just think, if you dyed eggs and "hid" them in the snow, they would leave tell-tale polka dots of color. But if you didn't dye the eggs and hid white ones, they would be there until the snow does melt. That could be an even worse scenario. And, if we still have snow, the Easter Bunny will leave tracks like our bunnies have all winter long. Do you think we'll have to wear stocking caps instead of Easter bonnets?

The only good thing about late March and April snows it won't last long. We really do need some Spring Showers.

Spring is sure to pop in all of a sudden and we'll forget the woes of winter...the cold north wind and the icy sidewalks and roads. We'll forget all of that...until winter 2013.

Spring in the air and enjoy Easter.



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