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Reader Responds To Anonymous Letter

January 31, 2013
Emmetsburg News

To the Editor:

To the writer of the hate letter I received. I am sorry you feel too ashamed to sign your name or use a return address. In regards to the individual you were defending, yes I have heard second hand, that he is very smart, as he has informed many others of his intelligence. Sorry, I'm not impressed. How about common sense?? Practical common sense and the respect for, and cooperation with others while doing their job, is in my opinion, much more accepted by the public. It promotes through cooperation, a "working together environment" and does not create a wall of animosity and hate between county employees and rural residents.

But sitting behind a person and rudely disrupting and mocking a conversation that was going on at the time while I was explaining to the supervisors how they were deceived and lied to, is that a sign of intelligence? In my book it seems more like immaturity. Maybe we can talk to the supervisors before their meeting sometime, so you can hear if what I said was factual about this person acting so unprofessional by committing such a commotion behind my back.

If you are upset about the comments on the road, I invite you come over and let me take you for a drive to show what IS going on. I am concerned about road safety for all people, even you. (Don't worry about your identity. With todays methods, there was enough evidence to pretty well identify who you are). If you stop over, we will talk to some of the residents who are forced to use these dangerous one way "mountain goat paths". I am sure you will be told by many of the affected residents, and rightly so, say there was NO practical common sense used in the construction of these roads. And definitely they will say, there was no sign of intelligence that was apparent or displayed during or upon the completion of the job. I can still show you large rocks and destroyed tile left in the ditches, and some rock was just disgarded into a creek and left. We were discriminated against with a road with no shoulders for safety and legally vandalized with some of our property.

Look, there is a verse that says "Love the sinner, but hate the sin". I can identify with that verse just fine. I have nothing against "your man" you are defending. He seems to be a nice man, easy to visit with, always looks professional. I could sit down and have coffee with him anytime. It is the things he does or does not do that has angered many of us people in the county. In the Iowa Constitution, Art. 1 We have the right to safety as well as other rights. That law is totally abrogated by the county as far as the low volume roads are concerned.

Sorry to have to make public awareness of this issue, but you did not give me a way to contact you. You also could have just visited me or called to keep it private.

But even with the warning which you gave me, I DO FORGIVE YOU. Have a good day.

P.S. Anymore letters without a legitimate return address will be burned without opening.

(signed) Tillford Egland

Cylinder, IA



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