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The List Game

November 13, 2012
Emmetsburg News

Even though you may not believe it, once in awhile, it gets mighty tough to come up with an idea to write a column about. Most of the time, there's something I can drag the old soapbox out and produce a rant over, but then there are times when, hard as it is to believe, nothing really has my shorts twisted in a knot.

Hmmm. What to write about?

I turned to the internet. Didn't want to re-hash the elections. What else is there? Aha! Pet names.

I came across a website one evening that listed what else - lists. The following couple of lists caught my eye, so I'll share them with you.

These are the 10 most popular names for dogs:

1. Buddy

2. Max

3. Daisy

4. Bella

5. Lucy

6. Jack

7. Molly

8. Charlie

9. Sadie

10. Rocky

Not to be outdone, here are the 10 most popular names for cats:

1. Lucy

2. Midnight

3. Bella

4. Molly

5. Smokey

6. Tiger

7. Oreo

8. Max

9. Princess

10. Charlie

OK, those are all quite nice, but I've got a different set of names for dogs that I've come across over time:

1. Heidi

2. Duke

3 . Ace

4. Coco

5. Alex

6. Candy

7. Maggie

8. Chloe

9. Penny

10. Higgins

And, these are some more familiar cat names I've heard over time:

1. Gus

2. Sam

3. Boo

4. Fluffy

5. Homer

6. Ella

7. Ginger

8. Tigger

9 . Blackie

10. Cat (such originality and thought!)

Of course, there are some names for pets, such as @#$% dog and &*^+ cat, which shall not be published in such a family oriented journal as this, but you catch the drift.

And, then there are the names of pets whose breeding is somewhat more upper level than your standard barn cat or farm dog as an example, Oyens Royal Edward of Dorsett, or as his owners call him, Toby.

Toby is a British Bulldog, whose greatest claim to fame is at 59 pounds, he thinks he is a lap dog, and therefore, MUST sit in every visitors' lap.

As I?researched this, some more lists came up, so perhaps another foray into pet names may be appropriate.There are quite a few new favorites floating around out there, so I'll keep up the research and report back.



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