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Getting Ready For Winter

City Snow Removal Policy

November 13, 2012
Emmetsburg News

City officials have announced the policy for snow removal from city streets.

The first day after a two-inch or more snowfall:

All streets will be opened for traffic in the following order: Hospital, Nursing Homes, Business District, Schools, and Churches (if there is a pending a funeral), and then Residential Streets.

Article Photos

WINTERIZE -- Emmetsburg area residents used warm days last week to prepare for the arrival of winter. Deb Hite, Executive Director of Emmetsburg Chamber of Commerce, directed moving the downtown flower containers. Skip Wallace manned the forklift to move the concrete containers away from the curb. From pink petunias to fall color mums, the containers brought color to the downtown streets. Spruce tips and red dogwood now fill the pots as everyone gets ready for the holidays. Warm weather, with temperatures in the 70s on Saturday, came to a halt as a cold front moved in and plunged the area into winter. --Jane Whitmore photo

Second night after snowfall and the wind has subsided:

Snow will be removed from the Business District. All downtown sidewalks need to be cleared past the curb and the snow shall remain in the wind row (Do not pile any snow in piles on the street or public parking spaces).

Please take extra care when removing snow around the ADA approaches to prevent damaging them (they are made of a composite material that could be easily damaged).

No parking in Business District after 11 p.m. Iowa Law and City Code states it is unlawful for any person to place ice or snow from private property, sidewalks, or driveways onto the traveled way of a street or alley.

Sanding will be done in same order including the hills and intersections.

City officials advise that when the streets are icy, the hills cannot be sanded enough to be safe at all times. They would request that residents use an alternative route if possible when the streets are icy.

The City also requests no piling of snow in the right of way that would obstruct the view of motorists.

The adjacent property owner will be responsible to remove all obstructions in a timely manner or be charged for the removal. The City cannot guarantee that every intersection can be cleared of piled snow to the extent that visibility will be unobstructed and so the motorist shall proceed with caution into intersections in a safe manner.

Vehicles should be kept off the streets whenever possible to allow the crews to do the best job they can.

Iowa Law and City Code states that no person shall park, or leave unattended any vehicle on any public street, alley or City owned off street parking area during snow removal operations unless the snow has been removed or plowed from the said street, alley or parking area and the snow has ceased to fall. Violators will be ticketed and towed. City Code prohibits parking on any City Street between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. All City Parking lots have a 48 hour parking limit.

The City appreciates everyones cooperation during this winter season.



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