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End of Summer, Part 1

October 1, 2013 As with every summer this one is ending all too soon. There are always summer plans that go left undone. more »»

End of Summer, Part 1

October 1, 2013 As with every summer this one is ending all too soon. There are always summer plans that go left undone. more »»

Royal Flush

September 26, 2013 Despite the title of this piece, it isn’t about poker. For starters, I’m not good at poker, because for some reason, I?don’t possess a poker face. more »»

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math “Oh, my...”

September 24, 2013 We were part of the Guinness World Record Attempt for the Largest Practical Science Lesson at the Clay County Fair a week or so ago. more »»

Summer Is Saved!

July 5, 2013 I might be considered pessimistic, but 2013 has kinda been a little bit odd – what with the strange winter, the even stranger Spring and now a Summer without heat. more »»

A Healthy State

June 27, 2013 If you follow any form of food marketing these days, chances are you have heard the term “superfood. more »»

Hard Headed?

June 13, 2013 I got a call the other day about an article that had appeared in a publication that talked about head injuries in sports. more »»

The Spring That Never Was?

June 5, 2013 This has truly been the Spirngtime that never was. Well, OK, maybe that’s a bit extreme – but then again, I’m thinking that’s actually pretty close to the real deal. more »»

Saying "Thank You"

May 23, 2013 Growing up, we were all taught proper manners, specifically how to say “Please” and “Thank Yo. more »»

Thinking Pink

May 14, 2013 Perhaps by now you good readers have figured out that I am pretty cynical when it comes to our state and national government on certain issues. more »»

Moms Offer Life’s Lessons

May 9, 2013 Mother’s Day gives us the opportunity to reflect on motherhood and remember all of the sage advice our mothers handed down over the years. more »»

Nothing Compares

May 7, 2013 The Iowa State Fair has always been an enjoyable summer to-do for me. It was a family tradition when I was growing up and is still a fun outing to this da. more »»

Celebrate May Day

April 30, 2013 Tomorrow begins the month of May. We welcomed April, but got fooled from the get-go as Spring turned into Winter then back to Spring. Are we now facing a giant leap into Summer? May 1 is “May Da. more »»

Garage Sale Season

April 25, 2013 The citywide garage sale is coming up next weekend. It’s time to clean out some clutter and put a little cash in your pocket while doing so. more »»

We Know Better

April 23, 2013 It’s taken me a good two weeks to cool off after reading the special section “the newspaper Iowa depends upon” graced our doorsteps on April 7 about the Emergency Medical Services in Iowa, and I’ve... more »»

Spring Things

April 18, 2013 Spring is right around the corner, even though we are still experiencing days that look and feel like winter. We may go directly from winter to summer -- you just can’t out-guess Mother Nature. more »»

Chicks with Guns

April 16, 2013 Every year my dad does his own Christmas shopping. Usually his gifts garner a lot of complements and consist of something pretty like jewelr. more »»

This ‘N That

April 11, 2013 Usually, when I sit down to write a column, I’ve got some topic to tackle, offer a commentary on, or just want to share with you. But, I must confess – the idea shelf is empty. Pffffft. Nad. more »»

Community Papers Tops For News

April 9, 2013 Survey: Community papers still tops for local news -- That was the headline that of a National Newspaper Association press release. “The numbers are self-evident. more »»

Signs of Spring!

April 4, 2013 I think spring is finally going to make an appearance. I was doubtful for a while but signs of spring are popping up all over. more »»



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