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Too Good To Be True? Check It Out!

August 9, 2016 If something sounds too good to be true -- it usually is. In other words, check it out. If the news is startling and requires immediate action -- don’t be hasty. Check it out. more »»

Mom’s Favorite Sayings

August 3, 2016 Sometimes you just seem to find those times that really bring back memories of childhood. more »»

A Job Well Done

August 2, 2016 For those who missed out, the 2016 Palo Alto County Fair is entered in the history books. more »»

Iowa Road Trips

July 28, 2016 How quickly this summer has flown -- as shown in Dave Carpenter’s cartoon. It seems once the County Fair is over, school shopping begins and in no time students are headed back to the classroom. more »»

Man’s Best Friend

July 26, 2016 They have been called man’s best friend for hundreds of years. more »»

Stop The Madness

July 20, 2016 The past few weeks in our nation have been tumultuous, to say the least, not only due to the ongoing deaths of people in police custody, but also from the shootings of law enforcement officers as... more »»

Here Comes The Fair

July 19, 2016 The Palo Alto County Fair is this week and I am personally encouraging every one of you to go to the fair. more »»

Don’t You Just Hate It…

July 13, 2016 We all have them, those pet peeves that drive us crazy. What drives me crazy is the lack of common courtesy for other drivers on gravel road. more »»

Obscure Iowa History

July 12, 2016 I was reminiscing about my grade school days a while back, and Iowa History came to min. more »»

It’s Time For Fair Fare

July 7, 2016 One of the best parts of going to a fair is the food -- fair fare! It doesn’t matter what fair you attend, there is always something tasty. more »»

The First Year

July 6, 2016 The end of June marked a milestone for me, I have been with the paper for one year. It seems like just yesterday I was writing this editorial on my first six months. more »»

It's A Conspiracy!

June 30, 2016 While driving home from the race track Saturday night, I was surfing AM radio for a change and landed on a talk show based out of St. more »»

Celebrate With The Magic of Fireworks

June 28, 2016 Fourth of July is a happy holiday, celebrating the United States’ independence as a union. more »»

Fun in the Sun

June 23, 2016 Finally, the weather we have longed for has arrived. The temperatures are rising and the days are getting longer, it’s summertime once again. more »»

Time Slips Away

June 21, 2016 I’ve been asked often by people out and about “How do you come up with the things that you write about?” That question in itself doesn’t really have a simple answe. more »»

Taking Care Of Business

June 16, 2016 Moving day comes down to a matter of what to keep and what to sell and what to throw away. I took part in a move recently and decided it is time to take stock of my own possessions. more »»

What Makes Iowa Unique

June 14, 2016 I never realized how difficult it could be to come up with ideas for editorials, mainly because I had never thought about them until this past year. more »»

Wash Your Hands

June 9, 2016 For what seems like an eternity, one of the big topics on the national news scene has been the issue of transgender bathrooms. more »»

Mini-Vacations In Iowa

June 7, 2016 School is out for the summer and it’s time to take a few mini-vacations around the state. more »»

Remember Messages From the Past

June 2, 2016 Over the long holiday weekend, I decided to spend some time outside enjoying the first long weekend of the summer. more »»



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