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That Old Adage

November 20, 2014 Growing up it always seemed that there was an axiom that the older generation would pass on and they have stayed with me all these years. Some have obvious meanings but some don’t. more »»

Time Travel

November 18, 2014 Have you ever seen an object or heard a phrase and instantly your mind is transported back to another time? That happened the other day. I saw a trailer hauling a small grey tractor. more »»

Something Different

November 13, 2014 I’ve always kept in touch with music through my life, having been involved in instrumental and vocal music in high school and college, and in my working years, I’ve been able to keep my involvement... more »»

Missions Revisited

November 11, 2014 We recently attended a military dine-out and ball. The fact that we attended isn't the story. Retired leadership is always invited. more »»

Intentional Living

November 5, 2014 A while back I read an article online at msn living, titled 'Things every woman should do each decade'. more »»

Grandparents Are A Soft Touch

November 4, 2014 Grandparents love their grandbabies as much as they love their children. In fact, it may be safe to say that grandparents will do “more” for their grandchildren than they did for their childre. more »»

Slowing Down

September 25, 2014 In today’s society, things seem to have become easier through technology and the like, but sometimes I like to just slow down -- especially since some of the modern conveniences I have yet to catch... more »»

Looking Back

September 23, 2014 As I sit at my desk on a Sunday evening, I’m looking over a wedding invitation from the oldest daughter of some very good friends, who will be getting married this coming Saturday. more »»

A Day in September

September 18, 2014 As summer began to give way to Autumn I had the most exquisite day in downtown Emmetsburg. more »»

It’s Not Time Yet

September 16, 2014 Friday night’s frost scare sent people scurrying outdoors with old blankets and sheets to cover flowers and vegetable plants. more »»

Back Country Roads

September 11, 2014 Traveling the back roads of the county this past weekend, I observed that fall really is around the corner. more »»

Decisions, Decisions

September 9, 2014 I have a dilemma here – a very simple one at that – what to write about. more »»

By The Numbers

September 3, 2014 When I was working on the Project LIBERTY section, a most fascinating piece was “LIBERTY By The Numbers.” We had talked about how much one of those bales might weigh:. Now we know:?1,500 pound. more »»

Best of Friends

September 3, 2014 Forty years ago I met a pretty little red-haired girl. She came to our school bus stop and began to lean against the pole. "No", I told her, "that's the spit pole. more »»

Words For Youth

August 28, 2014 Every so often, no matter what community you may be in, the topic turns to the youth of the community and how they are frustrated with a lack of activities geared towards them. more »»

60 Miles Per Hour

August 26, 2014 Most people think of 60 mph as the speed of a vehicle. While this is true, rural folks have another meaning of the term and it involves callus cruelt. more »»

A Blast From The Past

August 21, 2014 Recently Chris and I spent a Friday Night at the Superior 71 Drive-In and saw Into the Storm as well as Guardians of the Galaxy. more »»

Autumn Leaves of Summer Solstice

August 19, 2014 My niece was married on June 21st, the day that the sun is at it's northern most point. My parents attended, traveling to Iowa from Florida, heading north with the su. more »»

Remembering Andy

August 14, 2014 Our newspaper readers often contribute interesting items to the staff. Recently, I visited with former Emmetsburg resident Arlene Hutton Cook. more »»

Lists Lists Lists

August 12, 2014 There’s no denying that I?enjoy reading some of these “Top Whatever”?listingsthat are published with regularity on the Internet for a lot of different reason. more »»



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