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Support For Candidate Schultes

October 18, 2012 Letter to the Editor: We are pleased Lynn Schultes is willing to run for sheriff after 22 years in law enforcement in our area. more »»

Make A Difference

October 18, 2012 To the Editor: We get the opportunity to make a difference this election by using our voting privilege to decide whether we can operate with 3 supervisors. more »»

...The Rest of the Story (Part Two)

October 16, 2012 To the Editor: A famous politician involved in a national debate once said after preposterous allegations were leveled at him, “Well, here we go again!” Mr. more »»

5 vs 3:?Representation and Accountability

October 11, 2012 Dear Editor: Recently, there has been a proposal to reduce the number of Supervisors from five to three. This letter is a comment on the proposal. more »»

Support For Candidate Noonan

October 11, 2012 To the Editor: My husband and I have attended many Supervisor meetings in the last two years due to the flooding problems we have had. more »»

Protect The Renewable Fuel Standard

October 11, 2012 To the Editor: Later this fall, the Environmental Protection Agency will decide on a waiver request for the Renewable Fuel Standard—the country’s most successful energy policy in more than 40 years. more »»

Mental Illness Awareness Week

October 11, 2012 Dear Editor: October 7 through 13 is National Mental Illness Awareness week. more »»

Cost Of Operating Palo Alto County’s Jail

October 9, 2012 To the Editor: Recent comments have been bantered about in local publications concerning the operating cost of the Palo Alto County Sheriff’s Office. Most recently mentioned was the jail. more »»

Support For Candidate Todd Suhr

October 9, 2012 Dear Citizens of Palo Alto County, What if you were in charge of hiring someone to manage your company, to work side by side with you, or to protect your family and property??You wouldn’t care about... more »»

...The Rest Of The Story

October 9, 2012 To the Editor: Russ Jergens is a candidate for Palo Alto County Sheriff on the Independent ticket. Mr. more »»

Let Your Voice Be Heard By Voting

October 4, 2012 Letter to the editor: If you watch television these days, you might be getting tired of all the political ads and hoop la for electing the president. more »»

Support For Candidate Darrin Adams

October 4, 2012 Dear Editor: I am encouraging everyone to vote for Darrin Adams for Palo Alto County Sheriff. more »»

Support For Candidate Todd Suhr

October 4, 2012 To the voters of Palo Alto County: Seldom do we have an opportunity to go back and correct a mistake ,,, it works fine on the computer, but not so well in the workaday world. more »»

Community Water Fluoridation

September 27, 2012 To the Editor The Palo Alto County Board of Health is encouraging all communities in the county to fluorinate their city water supply. more »»


September 25, 2012 Dear Editor: Could someone please tell me what the intent of our county engineer is? The reason I am asking is because of the roads he is constructing, supposedly according to the AASHTO Plan. more »»

Raising Awareness For Cerebral Palsy

September 20, 2012 To the Editor: For the past 14 years the Palo Alto County 4-H County Council has been sponsoring a bike ride to raise money for the Pedal with Pete Foundation, a philanthropic organization dedicated... more »»

Kudos To Trail Committee

September 11, 2012 To the Editor, Kudos to the present and any former committee trail members in showing the determination and perseverance in building the walking/bike trail. Trails are utilized by all ages. more »»

Another Case Solved

September 6, 2012 To the Editor: Many thanks to Sheriff Dennis Goeders for his work in solving another case involving theft from a farm place. more »»

A Woman’s Response to Religious Freedom

September 5, 2012 To the Editor: While I appreciate aspects of the Affordable Care Act, such as an end to barring coverage to applicants with pre-existing conditions or discriminating on the basis of gender, I remain... more »»

Open Letter to the Community

August 28, 2012 Open letter to the community: Where we’ve been, where we are, how to move forward to the finish line. more »»



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