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Parents/Family: Mom (Renee), Dad (Dan), Liz (oldest sister), Colin (brother in law), Hillary (older sister) What ECS teacher has made the biggest impact and why: All the teachers have highly impacted my life in different areas. Mrs. Oberg has definitely highly impacted my faith and made me much closer to God, Coach has made me hold myself accountable which I need, Mrs. Ehn helps me always see the positive side and the other teachers through the years have highly impacted me but the teacher who has most impacted me is definitely Ms. Schwarz. Now if you know Ms. Schwarz you know she is always smiling and gives the best hugs. If you have a bad day you can guarantee she will pick you up. I never had her as a teacher but have always felt comfortable talking to her. Everyone needs a Ms. Schwarz in their school. Your best quality: Is probably my compassion. I care about people so much and am very much affected easily by their actions What did you like best about ECS: The thing I liked most was the family. I like going to school every day with kids I’ve known my whole life and people I can’t imagine life without. Advice to underclass at ECS: Embrace your years at ECS. One day you will look back and wish you had more time. Greatest Accomplishment so far: Getting 2nd in state for disc.


AA Meeting June 21, 2018

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