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“I?see a lot of people putting their grass clippings out in the street. It’s long and like hay,” Mayor Myrna Heddinger told members of Emmetsburg City Council last week. “I’d like to make a citizen’s arrest.” Councilman Brian Campbell added, “When the storm sewers are backing up and the streets are flooding, it’s grass.” “Just to expand a little bit, when Myrna was talking about grass clippings, as we did last year, and continue this year, if any of our officers view that happening, we make the contact with those residents when they’re still in the actual act of mowing,” said Emmetsburg Police Chief Eric Hanson. He noted that when residents are mowing and grass clippings are blown out into the street, an officer stops and makes a contact with the person that’s mowing to get the problem rectified. “A lot of what we hear is that they do that in the beginning, but they always come back before they put the mower away and blow the grass from the street onto the lawn,”?Hanson added. “There’s no way to disprove that when they’re still in the act of mowing.” Hanson added, “We’ve made a couple of contacts, even if it’s finished and no one is out there mowing, but if we have a belief of who we know lives there, if we feel that they are using hired help, so it’s not them that has actually done it, if we feel they would be receptive, we have made contacts at the front door. Just because there isn’t anybody out there, given some other circumstances, we will pull into the driveway and go up to the front door and talk to them. That’s been received very well. So we continue with that as we see it happening.” During lawn mowing season, residents are reminded: grass clippings clog the storm sewers. Do not blow grass clippings onto the street when mowing. The first few rounds, please blow grass clippings onto the lawn. Violators are subject to a penalty of not more than $100 for each violation.


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