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February 28, 2008 - Dan Voigt
There was a movie several years ago about the world of television, and in one scene, one of the principals has a melt down, and utters the statement, "I'm mad as h--- and I'm not going to take it anymore!"

In the last couple of days, there are now calls for a Congressional Investigation into whether or not Roger Clemens lied to the committee investigating the steroid scandal in baseball.

This is directed to our lawmakers who are considering this call.

Hey, jokers, we elected you to do something about the ever-increasing price of fuel, taxes, and peace, and all you slackers want to do is worry about a person telling you the truth. Let's see, here, why is it the words Congressmen, hearings and truth just don't seem to mesh very well? Is it because the truth is never spoken in a Congressional hearing? After all, if you get up there in front of some hearing, the only time anyone really tells the truth is if they are granted immunitiy from prosecution by the committee? I really and truly believe that some of our lawmakers have completely lost sight of the reason they were sent to Washington in the first place. Whether Roger Clemens lied to a committee is something he has to live with - not me, because I really could care less. I'm more concerned about being able to pay for my gasoline so I can do my job, pay my taxes, and be able to afford to keep a roof over my head. It may sound strange, but you know, I just don't care that much about Roger Clemens. I enjoy baseball, at the high school and little league level, where it is still a game, not big business with multi-million dollar players throwing tantrums and having their agents try to make their boo-boos all better.

Anyhow, if any federal lawmaker wants my support, then do what I voted you in for - take care of the folks here and their issues. Gee, that almost sounds too simplistic, doesn't it?


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